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  • Social Media and Marketing Strategist. Conquerer of the entire first page of Google (on your behalf).

    I set up social media portfolios for small or medium sized businesses and then coach them on how to use social media.

    Web Develpment/Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and additional web related services are also available.

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Online public relations to help companies get more attention or help them manage their "Google reputation" (what people see when they Google a company).

Mix one part Entrepreneur with one part "Digerati", sprinkle a good dose of Marketeer and bundled it all with an Optimist wrapper and you’ve got Hans Eisenman.

When he’s not managing projects for his clients or helping them get more done in less time using the latest technology, he’s conjuring up improved uses for the Internet and computers in general.

Or, he’s finding ways to network and connect people he’s just met with others he already knows.

Fascinated by ways to bring people together and increase their productivity, Hans is almost constantly working on how technology can foster that reality. This is probably largely due to his having joined the EarthLink team in its infancy as one of that company’s early executives.

You can email him here: heisenman AT


music, my family, reading, traveling, movies with the honey, using the web for blood, jet planes, helping others any way i can.